Friday, July 16, 2010

Even In A State of Poverty

Financially, I have a huge ladder to climb. Yet, even in my state of poverty I find small solutions everyday. I am super excited to share some tips of mine with you. As you know, I am raising three young children on my own. That said here are a list of just a few tips I have:

1. Local libraries have many free programs for you and your children, take advantage!! My children love it. Not to mention the obvious benefits of reading with and to your kids. I have all my children in the "Make A Splash" summer reading program through The Peter White Public Library.

2. I sign up for free samples online all the time!! It is quite simple and addicting! As another bonus coupons usually accompany the sample, which is mailed to you and all you pay is time for this. I tend to do this when my children are asleep.

3. I take advantage of sales and coupons when I grocery shop. I get coupons mailed to me from a local grocery store. The coupon booklet helps you save even more on featured sale items. I love this!! Although,I want to add I do not buy products just because they are on sale, I stick to what we really consume.

4. Sometimes I make meatless meals, for example a taco salad made with black beans rather than burger. This saves money and is healthier. Also, I use ground turkey in spaghetti dishes which is also less expensive and beneficial to your health and delicious.

5. I keep an eye open for free or very little cost events going in our local area as well as near by areas. There are almost too many during the summer months! A little trickier during our winter months. Going to the beach, parks, and hiking is only the cost of gas in my vehicle and we are fortunate to be relatively close to most of these spots.

6. I go to a local food bank to help keep food in my cupboards. This helps because my budget is extremely tight and you have to do what is needed for your family. Do not be ashamed of this! One day, I hope to give back to all the programs that are currently helping me.

7. When my children outgrow toys and clothing I usually donate them to either families in need or the local St. Vincent De Paul Store. I receive clothes from other families as well. Giving anything back I can feels wonderful!

8. Discontinue buying for brand names sake! I have learned that some products are even better than their competing brand rivals. Beware, just because it isn't brand name does not make it cheaper..always look at prices.

9. If I cannot pay all my bills in a month they are due, I pay on them whatever I can. It is much better to make a partial payment than no payment at all for two reasons: A. Companies prefer this
B. You will not get "as behind"

This is just a small sample of what I do; I will be to sure to add more tips here and there in the future. Hope this was helpful for all ya and any questions feel free to e-mail me or comment and I will try to reply asap. Good day wishes to all reading my blogs and thank you :)
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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates


It has been a year and half since my husband Jesse died. Wow, so long ago and at the same time feels just like yesterday. A journey it has been for my children and myself. Some moments I still cry, but damn does it feels great to be alive. I have never appreciated just the joy of being alive this much in my entire life. Thus, it goes on and on. My hope is that I share the best of life with my children and am nothing less of a positive entity to all those I encounter. So many have asked me how do I do sum it up you do because you have to. Beyond that I am quite spiritual, mostly eat with optimal nutrition, exercise regularly, and enjoy all the little moments in life. Giggle, and oh yes with my three beautiful and quite active young children I have so many delightful moments! Cheers to wonderful moments to all my followers in this day :)