Friday, July 16, 2010


It has been a year and half since my husband Jesse died. Wow, so long ago and at the same time feels just like yesterday. A journey it has been for my children and myself. Some moments I still cry, but damn does it feels great to be alive. I have never appreciated just the joy of being alive this much in my entire life. Thus, it goes on and on. My hope is that I share the best of life with my children and am nothing less of a positive entity to all those I encounter. So many have asked me how do I do sum it up you do because you have to. Beyond that I am quite spiritual, mostly eat with optimal nutrition, exercise regularly, and enjoy all the little moments in life. Giggle, and oh yes with my three beautiful and quite active young children I have so many delightful moments! Cheers to wonderful moments to all my followers in this day :)

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