Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm exhausted today...

It was a normal morning except I had to go sign up for WIC, yet that took a little over an hour. I just feel extra tired today for some reason. These are the roughest days, but still have to do what you got to. Unfortunately, it is only 5:50 because I cannot wait until bedtime! My kids are all watching noggin, atleast they're all being okay. Well, have to go make dinner for my hungry angels. I will be back, no worries!

Ms.Jessica Luke

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Day

Well, got up at 7 am with all three of my kids and changed two diapers and got water for my son Jacob. Made some oatmeal with cinnamon and vanilla and peeled about five yellow apples. Immediately, my cherubs are super hungry so before I am even fully awake I'm on it! Turn the t.v. to try and stall their rumbling bellies while I try to hurry and cook, than I realize I still need to make my morning trip to the bathroom! I wish I had instant energy like them right when I woke up. After breakfast got to start my new workout, had to buy a video since workouts are no longer posted on demand, darn it I love free things! Yeah, got stick tightly to my super strict budget when possible. Gotta be smart about every single cent literally. Really I take advantage of all free things I can. For example, couple of weeks ago I brought my kids to a car dealership because they had a racecar driver there and free hot dogs, chips, potato salad, water and pop. Doesn't get better than that. My kids loved it and I didn't have to make dinner or wash dishes that night : ) Also, they got to see two racecars up close and got posters signed. That was definately worth our time. Anyways, during my workout my daughter Josilyn was standing in front of me and she kept lifting her legs trying to work out, too. She is so precious at just twenty months she amazes me. I love all three of my cherubs. Jacob mostly played games on the computer and Jace built multitudes of train tracks for hours. It was a typical Sunday. A lot of playing, eating and cleaning. Oh, almost forgot to mention Jace is going through potty training. Unfortunately, that came with two messes on the floor, icka, but it's a start. That was the highlight of my day, okay not really, but one of many.
Well, I'm ready to blast off to the land of dreams...sweet dreams everyone!

Ms.Jessica Luke