Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Loving Family 2016

Holy Wahnanza! So much has changed since my last time on this site!

UPTO SPEED FOR Y'ALL Seven years have passed since Jesse had left this dimension. Time slips away so fast. Our children are now 9 and 11. Currently, I have a fiance and have been blessed with more children! Five children and with a man I love. It is against what I thought my life path was taking me. I thought that I would never want to date again and that my full concentration was on my kids. But six months after my love left I met Cody. I decided to stay friends for a couple years before we decided to date. This gave me the chance to heal completely and not use him as a "re-bound" of any sorts. One thing I despise is lies of the heart. So, to date again I had to be whole again by my self. Anyone who has lost a love, has a fear of repeat, and has a fear of walking that "chanced" road once again. Cheers to REAL love, it is worth a moment of bliss. To that I say Love is worth it. In other words, Love is worth the Loss even if it is a moment's time. In a mind it can last a lifetime. Love is inspiring to a Happy life. But I felt this just by meeting Cody. I did not physically have to be with him. He made me happy just knowing him. Definitely, I feel blessed in Love. It is nice that he respects what I have been through, and allows me and my children to express our sorrows freely about our loss of Jesse. Seven years ago I did not feel so "lucky" as I lost the love of my life at 30 years old. Oddly, I feel quite aged in someways, and quite young in others. We do not choose the lessons thrown at us in life. But we do choose how to cope and grow from them. If anyone out there ever needs someone to talk to about their loss or healing I am here to listen just comment and I will comment back. Bless you all with an amazing day and love for the New Year!!