Saturday, November 7, 2009

My very first blog...yeah!

Welcome to my Blogger Spot! I am so happy to be alive and to be blessed with three amazingly energetic very young children. But as a widow and single mom it can be quite the challenge. Nothing is impossible, that is what I tell myself everyday. Actually, I tell myself tons of positive little quotes as my kids are thrashing around the living room and dumping out there tubs of toys and bowls of cereal. I love them so much; they are my top reason for wanting to be alive. So, when I want to pull my hair out or scream I try to take a moment and remember to look at their smiling faces filled with true joy and I think as an adult we all want that smile and to be filled with true happiness just like that. So, to be truely happy just take atleast a half hour everyday to "play" whatever it is you want to; this alone has definately helped me. My choices of play include, to name a few: watching t.v., renting a movie, working out, taking a drive, dancing around to music, and drawing random doodles. Most of my "playtime" happens after my children are softly dreaming in their beds. Definately, I recommend this to everyone! Keeps me happy and smiling. Well, good night for now.

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